NLHSC General Committee Update to Members on the Weed Situation 06-06-2020
The General Committee wanted to let members know more information regarding the weed situation at the club.

Use of Dyofix
At the extraordinary meeting in February 2020, the members voted in a secret ballot in favour of using Dyofix in the lake to control weed growth. The agreement was also made to allow the committee members to decide when/if to use Dyofix after that vote was counted.

In March, the General Committee received formal notification from Natural England that our request for consent to apply Dyofix had been refused.

Since February 2020, committee meetings were temporarily stopped due to Covid-19 and access to the club was restricted. In addition, rather than risk immediate sanction / prosecution with Natural England, the decision was made to go through the full process available and appeal the consent decision.

The request to appeal has been sent to Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Defra has responded to confirm that the appeal is valid, and since then they have been sent an 8 page document outlining NL&HSC's grounds for appeal. Defra appoint an independent Inspector to review the case and ultimately the Secretary of State makes the decision to grant or deny the appeal. The Club has made a strong case, now it is a waiting game for the process to run its course.

Weed position now at the club
Weed is currently growing. North Lincolnshire Council have again granted the Club use of the Truxor weed cutter from 22nd June for cut and removal of weed.

Whilst weed is becoming evident now, more growth is required to make cut and removal worthwhile. Cutting too early a) does not remove enough and b) early cutting at the beginning of June risks encouraging more vigorous growth.

Members can continue to use the water while the Truxor is operating as long as users keep at least 20M from the machine. Users should also note that once cutting starts there will also be floating rafts of weed to avoid. As such, we ask that members respect the opinion of whoever is operating the machine on the day.